Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stand Up and Shine Challenge #2

Here goes the challenge for day two....
1- What are patterns of actions you notice that you frequently do to fill a void, escape reality, or to try to mask over uncomfortable feelings?
 Well, I'd say the ones that are most common. Look at instagram is probably what I do most. FB----sometimes. But it usually stresses me out. Netflix----sometimes. It just depends if there is actually a show I like and I am pretty picky about shows. Most of the time I think they are all pretty horrible. But, if I find one I like I'll watch an episode or two a night. As of late, mostly I just lie down on the couch and close my eyes or sleep. I best escape reality in a show, though. Or through instagram (in ten minute increments throughout the day ha)

2- What could you fill the void you feel with instead?
I think one thing I could do more of is what I'm doing right now----writing. Time is spent better writing because my brain can actually release some steam and some thoughts and exercise a bit. I think reading would also be great. I have had a hard time reading since having kids because I used to be able to sit down and read for however long I want, but kids seeing their mom open a book = I NEED MOM NOW. But still, I think reading a book in increments of ten minutes a day would be more refreshing. Going to bed earlier would also always be a great option. Practicing the bass/guitar.

3- How would your world change if you filled the voids you feel with more positive and self improving choices?
 It would definitely feel more happy! I think that I'd feel more happy because I'd feel more whole instead of just more distracted. The fillers that just distract you and take up your time add nothing to you and leave you more worn out over time. I think other things that are positive and self-improving help build you up.

4- I want to fill my cracks with light because... (finish the sentence) At the end of my life I want to look back on it and see LIGHT and joy. Not survival, not tiredness, not years upon years of pessimistic brain fog. I want to look back and see things clearly in the light that they were. That's up to me and no one else. And boy, is it hard.

Below I've picked 4 things to do tomorrow that will replace ten minutes that I would normally spend checking social media. That's 40 minutes of positive energy brought into the world that would have otherwise been lost.

1- Send a text to a friend to brighten their day
2- Write a quick note to encourage someone
3- Make a phone call to that person you’ve been putting off catching up with
4- Spend more time with your kids, spouse, friend, or someone you love
5- Go for a walk
6- Plant a flower
7- Read a chapter of a book
8- Take your neighbor a treat
9- Create something (draw, color, paint, etc)
10- Journal