Saturday, October 29, 2016

Indoor Winter Activities!!!

Fall is here down south, and winter is just around the corner! Right now, it is cool outside and amazing for enjoying outdoor activities. But, in the morning you can feel that cold that is soon to come, and it has been making me think about what would be semi-entertaining for the girlies to do indoors. Just thought I'd let you know some of my ideas!!!
1. Big foam puzzles. Kids love them SO much more than regular ones and they last forever! The only problem is, there aren't really that many out there. This is the one we have, and I am hoping to get them another one for Christmas with different characters. They always love doing the foam puzzle. And when it's finished, they make me tell them the whole Frozen story :) Ha!
2. Baking. Ummmmmm, this is MY THANG. I love to bake things, because it's relaxing for me. And then comes the pain of eating them......But really, I think baking is relaxing and I always want to do wit with my girls but then I do and I remember how it's the best way to practice patience. It always ends up happening again and again, though!
3. Ant farms. Do you remember these from when you were little? Me and my brother got one once and we seriously would sit there for like an hour just watching the ants work and dig their tunnels. It's entertaining! I have been looking into the website which is pretty dang cool and offers some pretty cool farms! I'm HOPING my girls will think this is as cool as I did. (P.S. did you know that all the worker ants are females?)
4. Reading. OF COURSE. It can't be left out. We love love love to frequent our library and check out tons of totally awesome books and then rack up fines for them!!! :D Seriously. But it's always worth it. The girls love for me to sit and read with them and they also just like to open them up and look at the pictures on their own (can't wait until they can read on their own).
5. Painting and coloring. This never gets old. And, I will add that in my house I am anti play-doh. I decided that just a few months ago. It actually always creates way to big of a mess because it falls and dries up everywhere! So painting and coloring it is.
6. Ten Minutes Time. I have just started implementing this for about a month now and it is by far the girls favorite thing in the world. For ten (or fifteen depending on how I'm feeling), I let each girl choose whatever she wants to do, and we do that thing for ten minutes. It can either be complete 1-1 time or if she wants she can invite her sister to play with us too, and they always choose to invite each other (awwww, they're the best.) Usually they want to play hide and seek or tag or mermaids or this grumpy bear game they play. You guys, they want our attention. And sometimes, they just want us to do what they want us to with them.

Well, I'm pretty much done with my list. I'm going to try to think of some more things! Let me know if you guys have any awesome ideas ;)