Friday, August 19, 2016

Product Review: Nesco Pressure Cooker

Recently our rice cooker broke. The little tab that you press down to start the cooking process just stopped staying down and would mess up the rice. To me, it wasn't a big deal because I kind of don't think it is THAT big of a help that it stops cooking automatically when the rice is done, I'd rather have one less appliance. So, I was cooking our rice in a regular pot and was going to get rid of the rice cooker. 

But, My Man would have none of it. He was going to get me a rice cooker if it was the last thing he did! Even though I didn't even tell him I wanted one haha. The TRUTH is, he wanted a pressure cooker and he loves going to this kitchen appliance store with the girls. So, one day he took them in and came out with the new Nesco Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker (see? we needed it), Slow cooker, Steamer and Browner (whatever that means). Guys, this thing isn't cheap but also isn't a life decision like buying a Blendtec or a Bosch. I am pretty sure he said he got it for around 100, but you can get it on Amazon for significantly less! Check here. We do enjoy supporting small businesses, though, so we buy from that appliance store.

So far, I have loved it. You can put raw meat in loaded with vegetables and have steamy hot stew with tender meat within twenty minutes. We eat so much stew, and we like the meat to be extra tender, so we love that aspect. I've also used its slow cooker setting which worked really great. Apparently you can do ribs in it and cheesecake! There are a ton of recipes that I will be trying. I currently have ribs in the freezer and cream cheese in the fridge. I love the fact that it does so many things, and all in one pretty decently sized appliance. The size is a big pro, but also kind of a con for us. We make our own large batches of broths and so we need something big that can fit a lot of great stuff into it, so sadly we still have our huge slow cooker (which we also bought from the same appliance store and which I also equally love), but now we have two big things. We have to keep our big one for the broths, but it is so big that if I just want to slow cook a dinner there is not enough stuff in there for it to reach the minimum fill line. Life is hard, I know. Sigh. But then I get over it and move on.

I love our Nesco pressure cooker and its size and the fact that you can seal the lid on. So, if you are looking for a slow cooker that does dinner sized meals, a rice cooker, a pressure cooker that is bomb, and something that will also steam or brown your food, this is the thing for you!

*This review isn't sponsored at all. It's all true and hopefully helpful.