Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Shows

First, you should read my anti-Netflix post here. Then, come back and read the shows I let my kids watch off of it on Sundays ;D ! Ha ha. Sundays are great---and hard with little kids. Especially in the southern area because of the heat. We try to keep Sunday a special day by not doing all the things we would do every other day of the week, like grocery shopping or eating out or working out or jumping on the trampoline, etc etc. One of the things we try not to do in our home is watch shows that we watch the whole rest of the week, and we reduce the tv a lot. We'll maybe watch it once on a Sunday, whereas during the normal week it gets turned on about two to three times a day (kid-less cleaning and meal prep anyone?). But, with little kids, that really brings down the amount of options of what we have to do with them. No going outside because of the heat is the killer, but during the summer that becomes an EVERY day thing. So sad because my girls live outside. Anyways, I just thought I'd let you know what shows are Sunday appropriate in our home.

The Prince of Egypt
Joseph: King of Dreams
Any Planet Earth series that teaches about Mother Earth or animals
Fantasia (old and new version)

There aren't many. But, these are the ones I feel fine with watching during a hard time of the day. The girls do a good job of realizing these are the only ones we watch on Sunday because they relate to Christ. The first two are scriptural based movies. And the earth series we like to watch and emphasize that Christ organized the beautiful earth and everything on it, and Fantasia really actually doesn't have to do with Christ, but most of it is classical music and we love the illustrations. I like having classical music on Sundays, because I honestly can only handle so much "church" music.

Do you guys watch tv on Sunday at all? If you do, what is allowed?