Monday, June 6, 2016

Product Review: Blendtec Mix n' Blend II

*This is not a sponsored post. I am doing this on my own just because I think it will be helpful to others.*

I have decided it would probably be useful to other mothers out there to be able to get some good product reviews for everything we end up buying for ourselves our the household or our children! So, here is my first product review. And, what better thing to start off this series with than a Blendtec?

I have waned a Blentec for quite a few years now, because I am pretty obsessed with making shakes and smoothies and fresh flours and blending up extremely thick batters :D. The only problem is that Blentecs are pretty dang expensive (along with Vitamix), and even though everyone that has bought one says it is well worth the investment, My Man and I could never actually bring ourselves to say we had enough spare money sitting around to buy it, even with it staring us in the face and making us ice cream every time we entered Costco. You can buy a refurbished blendtec for anywhere between 2-300, and a brand new one ranges anywhere between 400-600. That is hundreds of dollars people! Not something you just drop on some random day. Luckily, my birthday and Christmas were coming up and My Man had a GRAND idea for a present: a blendtec. Finally. So, he went to a kitchen store to get one. But, they were out. What???? The lady said, "but we do have the Mix n' Blend II" and My Man was all like "What's that?". Because seriously, what is that? I had never heard of it before in my life. Blendtec makes more than just awesome blenders? Guys, the Mix n' Blend is a mixing bowl with multiple attachments and a blender, all on one base. The best part? It costs around 350. I love to cook cookies and cakes and cupcakes and whip up frostings and so many other things, and the Mix n' Blend II allows me to do that ALONG with making all my awesome shakes and smoothies (I don't know how many of my house guests would agree with them being "awesome"). I have had no problems with the blender or the mixer as of yet, but it has only been like six or seven months, so time will tell. The only hold-up is that the blender is not as strong as a regular blendtec. BUT WAIT KEEP READING! The only thing it doesn't do is heat up soup, it can do everything else. My second favorite thing about the Mix n' Blend II is that it actually is pretty small. They did a good job of keeping things tight, but still functional. We have a super small apartment right now, so small is good. It is way way way better than have one huge bosch mixer and then a separate blender. I much prefer this.

So, there is my review. If you love baking things or mixing a lot of things up and you also use a blender on a daily basis, the Blendtec Mix n' Blend II is for you! It was definitely the right choice for me.