Monday, June 27, 2016

Healthy Snacks For Kids

My girls would rather snack all day than eat a real meal, so we try to keep the snacks healthy (plus, they just honestly and luckily don't like eating much junk). Here are some of the regulars at my house and hopefully you can find something new to let your kiddos snack on that they like. Let me know what you are feeding your kids so I can get some ideas too!

sauteed mushrooms
fruit! Any kind, all day long.
corn quesadillas with tomato slices and dash of salt and pepper
plain yogurt with cinnamon and honey and apples
cucumbers with salt and pepper
sauteed crook neck squash with coconut oil/butter and salt and pepper
tuna+mayo+chopped celery+mustard+salt+pepper on top of crackers. Sometimes this IS lunch.
rice+beans+lettuce+tomato+plain yogurt/sour cream and eat it with chips!
apple tea (apple cider vinegar (w/ the "mother")+water+honey to taste!)
Toast(preferably sourdough) with butter and apricot jam or honey
toast+sliced tomato on top+salt and pepper
homemade guacamole+chips
Grilled cheese+thin slices of tart apple
banana chocolate shakes (frozen bananas+milk+cocoa powder
licuado (1 banana+ 1 tsp vanilla+ 1 raw egg+dash of cinnamon+milk+a few ice cubes+sugar to taste)
green smoothies
Cooked meat chunks (any meat cooked however your kids like it. Cut into small pieces)
any veggies with ranch
Radishes (my girls east turnips and radishes like apples)

What are the healthy snacks that you guys do in your home???