Sunday, June 5, 2016

Feed Your Spirit Sunday: Doubt

I've been having a trial in faith recently. NO I'm not going to leave the church. NO this is not the beginning of a huge religious crisis. This is SO SO normal for me. It's probably my 100th trial in faith in my life. And I've had other trials in other areas. In fact, the only reason I stay a member of the church is because of the crises. They force me to one, find answers, or two, realize what I'm stewing over either doesn't matter, or that it does, but that I need to be more patient with God. And, whoever tells you that no, you actually do need answers right now, is telling you to rush God. And, we all know that can't happen.

For those who might be asking so many questions, and getting so few answers. For those who feel like you've been spiritually sitting under a shade tree at the bottom of a spiritual climb out of breath, and exhausted. For those who have witnessed, undeniably, the existence of God. For those who want to believe in a God, but sometimes question it. This is for you. You are normal. Don't be quiet about your questions, but also don't be so loud with them that they take over your spiritual identity. Do everything you should do, and you'll be blessed. Recognize those blessings and continue to seek the ones you so deeply desire that you haven't received. Because, you can be grateful while still wanting more. That's completely human, and we are humans (surprise). Which means we aren't perfect.

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