Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day

I love Father's Day, because I love my dad. And, because there are a lot of dad's out there that I love and respect. I love all of my uncles, I love My Man's dad, I love my brother's who are dads, etc. But, I hate that Father's Day just flies by like nothing for the most part. Mother's Day on the other hand, wow. And, gross. Talk about a money making day. And so I just want to acknowledge right off of the bat, I don't want Father's Day to become what Mother's Day is, but in general, I do feel like mothers are way more celebrated than fathers. I do wish the day came and there was more of a pause and thought during it than there is now. Because the truth is, a father is needed in a child's life just as much as the mother. Yes, the mother usually does the raising, but I think Mother's Day is a celebration of motherhood---taking someone's life and becoming an active part of it. It is not a celebration of the actual taking care of the kids....and Father's Day is just the same. A celebration of fatherhood--- taking someone's life and being an active participant in it. Influencing it for the good. But, as of right now (and the past who knows how many years) I feel like Mother's Day is national "let all of us women remind our husbands how important we are(and they better acknowledge it) and how much heavy stuff we go through raising these kids of theirs". I'm not saying that is what you think, but the fact that Mother's Day is this big she-bang "how could we survive without our mothers!" and then father's day is like, "Oh, hey pops. Love ya." Society has told the family that father's are less important, and it just aint the truth. And we wonder why there are more absent fathers than mothers in the family unit throughout the world. When someone is told their role is less important, they believe it and they treat it that way. Both are just as needed. So, dad, Happy Father's Day. You shaped all the parts of me that mom didn't. And mom, Happy Mother's Day, you shaped all the parts of me that dad didn't. And while I'm at it. Happy Me Day, because I shaped all the parts that they didn't. Also, Happy Father's Day to my awesome My Man, because he sure has being an active and present participant in his children's lives down. Aint no denyin' that!

Onto what we did for Father's Day.

We ate. Because that is what My Man loves best. We did buy him some gifts, like some potted mint plants (all different varieties) and a corn tortilla press (yum) and....I forget what else.

The girls cooked him eggs and toast for breakfast and did it themselves. Number one cracked one egg and girly two cracked the second. They put the toast in the toaster and buttered it.

For dinner we did Shrimp Scampi and then a fresh fruit tart pie for dessert.

The Shrimp Scampi recipe I used was this one, and I loved it. It was the first time I have ever cooked shrimp (seafood is creepy), but I did it just for him. And, it was probably the second or third time eating shrimp in my entire life (I only ate two of them. Baby steps...)After he saw me eat those two shrimps like a total boss, he pretty much wanted to make out because I owned it that much, but alas, it was five o'clock and the girlies were there so aint none of that happenin'. This is one of those great examples of how seeing your significant other doing things they don't like to do that you do like to do makes you love them more. I would highly recommend the recipe because I did it, which means it is easy. But the flavors were very well balanced and I really did like it. And, the shrimp was decent!

My Man had said he wanted a fruit tart for dessert, but I don't yet own a tart pan :/ It is something that will be added to my "want" list. Because I LOVE fruit tarts. So, I decided to just do a fruit tart pie. Pretty much the same thing! My mom makes this BOMB fresh strawberry cream pie and I could literally eat a whole pie (okay actually probably only half) in one sitting. So, I basically just did that recipe. I baked a pie crust that turned out magnificent and flaky and crusty.This is the recipe I used. Then I took 8 oz of softened cream cheese and blended it up with a teastpoon of vanilla and a half cup of sugar. That is the cream! You bake the pie crust and when it is completely cooled, you smear ALL of that cream cheese mixture all over the inside of the pie shell. Then you can fill it with whatever sliced up fruit you want. This time I did strawberry slices, blueberries and some canned mandarin oranges and then I squeezed some lime juice and mixed it with sugar and drizzled it all over the fruit. And it was .SO. good. You have to experience it to believe it. Plus, it's easy to make.

Happy late Father's Day to all the awesome men out there doing their best! We need you all.