Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Year of Frosting Cupcakes Series:1

Ever since watching the Cupcake Wars however many years ago, for the first time, I've thought making cupcakes looked fun. I'll be the first to admit, cupcakes aren't my favorite dessert to eat, but I strongly believe that is because cupcakes have been slid to the back burner and underplayed for far too long. Cupcakes can be better than from the box with a little tub of Pillsbury chocolate frosting. Sure, for a random craving or an upcoming event you completely forgot about, those boxes and tubs put something sweet together pretty dang fast. But, cupcakes can look cute or beautiful and taste simple or complex. I like simple, and I like cute. I have been wanting to practice my piping for a while, but have never done it because i seriously can't eat all of the cupcakes it takes to practice that, and I am pretty sure people actually CAN get sick of you giving them cupcakes when they are the only people you give your sweets too. I came up with this great idea to bake them monthly and hand them out to the women in my congregation that have birthdays that current month. Then, I can bake and decorate to my hearts desire at least once a month, and have a place for those cupcakes to go and be appreciated. They might not taste the best or look the best, but hopefully over the months they will at least get a little bit better. Currently, I don't have tips so I use what I've got (plastic zip lock bags). Hopefully, one day I will convince myself to get some actual tips! Right now, I am more just looking into which frosting recipes I actually like, because there are so many NASTY frostings out there (which I mainly blame for people's hate of cupcakes). Maybe next year I will actually focus on the cake of the cupcake. I will be posting the cupcakes I have made and what recipe I used for the frosting and how I altered it and if I liked it---if anyone is interested in purchasing a certain amount of a particular recipe of cupcakes for any event, you can contact me at about getting an order of them for an extremely low price! Look forward to showing you which ones I've liked making!