Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Backyard Chicken Series: Part 3-Breeds

Yin (barred rock) the other, not pictured, is Yang

*if you missed the first two parts, read them here and here :)
Our chickens are just making us fall more in love with them every day. From the way they throw their little legs back and sleep on their belly to the way they are starting to practice flying around and scratching. Love them! It is nice remembering the reasons why I always loved them when I was little. And, it is even better seeing my little girls develop that same love for them :)

I thought it might be helpful telling what breeds we got, why, and what other breeds you might be interested in if you are considering getting chickens some day! (do it.)

We had originally planned on getting 2 ameraucanas, 2 white leghorns, and 2 bantam silkies. My Man and I had finalized these breeds in our minds after I talked to my uncle, who has a great love and care for chickens, about which chickens he thought were good layers and also good with kids (physically and aesthetically).

He told me the White leghorns (the classic yellow fluffy chick) grow to be white, and they are the main breed used in the commercial production of eggs, because they are the most consistent in laying. I wanted two have at least two pretty consistent layers.

Ameraucanas are another breed he recommended for multiple reasons. They are pretty consistent layers, they come in different colors and patters and kids like them because they lay blue-ish green-ish eggs. Kids like that :)

The Bantam Silkies are the dream chicks of mine since I was little. I have always wanted silkies.  Because they are pretty much moving puff balls that lay mini eggs. They come in beautiful colors(black, dark blue and white). And, because they are so dang fluffy, like I already said. Bantam silkies, are mini silkies. You can get a regular sized or mini. I thought these would also be fun for the girls because they are smaller (easier to hold and not as intimidating) and because they lay small eggs (though, they are not very consistent layers). The girls have had small eggs before and they loved eating them!

So, those are the chicks we had planned on getting. But, we didn't end up getting those! Ha. Mainly it is because after checking with a friend about the chick shipment schedule at the local IFA, the chicks we wanted weren't coming in on the same dates. Also, the Silkie Bantams were not guaranteed female (and I guess they never are). Since we don't want a rooster right now, we outed the Bantam Silkies :( My childhood dream chick will have to wait.

2 araucanas
2 barred rock
2 rhode island reds

Araucanas: because that is all they would be getting. No ameraucanas coming in.Amercaucanas actually stem from the araucana breed. So, they are pretty similar chickens. Araucanas also lay blue eggs, and they also have insanely fluffy cheeks! Seriously. We got Tranch, a little brown one, and Creamy, a little yellow cream colored one. I adore them.

Barred Rock: These grow up to be black and white striped, but they are black as little chicks. Ours are just now starting to show some white! They are the most consistently mellow of all of the chicks, for now! And the girls like that. They are go-to's for holding.

Rhode Island Red: I had a bunch of these growing up and remembered them having a bit of an attitude. When I looked it up, my search confirmed what I had thought. Something I read said they are a breed that has a little more trouble getting along with other breeds. When I went to the store to buy the chicks, I asked the girl about them being a little bit more tough, and she said that no, they are actually the most mellow of all the chicks. Well, my memories and researched proved my initial thoughts correct. They are definitely are spiciest :) And we love 'em for it. The girls had a harder time with them at the beginning, but they have gotten really good at holding them and learning to get them to relax (sometimes).

So, we didn't end up with what we had originally planned, but we seriously love all the ones we got! Couldn't be happier.
Just missing the other little black one!
Creamy :) (auracana)
Tranch :) (araucana)
Little Tranch has no idea the deadly danger a hands-length away!
Ruby(rhode island red :))

I love seeing their little feathers coming out! Comment with any questions.