Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Cleaning(the kid friendly way)

Spring is in the air, along with insanely bad allergies. I'm not gonna lie though, the beauty surpasses the misery when it comes down to it. My allergies are bad enough to make me feel sick, but not bad enough (right now) to wish spring gone. Another thing that comes hand in hand with the things listed above, is spring cleaning! Yay. I never knew I loved (and could become obsessed with) cleaning so much, until my house was constantly a mess from the girlies, and seeing it sparkly clean if even for just an hour is a high that I will always continue to seek out. So what's the mean? Cleaning cleaning and more cleaning. Spring air always makes people want to clean. I wonder why?

I love natural things that I know won't be killin' off my kids brain cells at a high rate. I also love doing a good high-chemical clean out every once in a while because sometimes chemicals just work so much dang better than a natural cleaner to clean off that stained glass stove-top. Am I right? Yes, I AM. But, like I said earlier, most of the time and especially when the girlies are around, I use natural cleaners and I love them because they don't make any of us get headaches or feel sick and because they smell yum-o. There is a brand that I have been wanting to buy because the scents just sound so delicious, but I don't feel like paying the prices for them yet, especially because I haven't done an ingredient check to see if it's even that natural. So, before I go spending money on something that is advertised as natural and smells really good, I want to actually know it's natural. But, I really do want to buy the cleaners in all the scents they have! Check out the site to see if you're interested at that good day comes( and probably after it) I just make my own. I kind of make up the recipe different each time just based off of other ones I have checked out. This is a citrus and vinegar based cleaner. So it is great in the kitchen but not so great on woods (but I use it on wood all of the time...). I also like to add some peppermint oil to it sometimes, just because I'm obsessed with peppermint. It's refreshing, opening, calming and pleasing to the taste!

quart mason jar with lid
white vinegar
peel of 1 full orange
1 lime halved or quartered (skin on)
2-3 spray bottles(I get the largest ones I can from the dollar store)

Fill the mason jar about halfway up with vinegar(or a little less). Drop in the fruit in (I like to squish the fruit up a bit with my hands to release some of the oils) and then fill it up the rest of the way with water.Let it sit for about a day. Take the lid off and take your spray bottles and fill them up with the mixture. Depending on how concentrated you want it (and how vinegar-y smelling you want it) fill each bottle about halfway up. I usually fill up about three spray bottles with my quart jar, and then fill the rest of the spray bottle up with some more water to dilute it again. It's up to you! Spray away and don't worry about any headaches or the killing of kids' brain cells or killing too many germs, thus creating, dun dun dun--- THE SUPER GERM. Happy spring cleaning.