Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Backyard Chicken Series

Spring is springing, and along with it little chicks! At least here in Southern Utah it is. Be jealous all you want you snow bunnies, for NOW. But I honestly don't believe anyone can be that jealous of over 100 degree weather daily, for months. So in reality, these next couple of months are our summer. They are really the only months the girlies can play outside all day, so we are living it up. One of the ways we are doing that is by buying chicks! If any of you haven't read my informational post on raising chickens from a long while back , read it here. I have been dreaming of this day for a long time.

When I was in elementary school, we hatched some eggs in the classroom and our teacher told us if we got permission from our parents, we could take as many chicks as we wanted. So, of course I asked my dad, and of course he said yes even though we weren't allowed to have them where we lived, because he is the best. Those were the first of quite a few chickens throughout my younger years, and I loved them so much. I spent a lot of great times outside playing with them and lost a lot of tears over the foxes that kept getting them. Eventually, I got bigger and too busy and stopped buying them. Plus, my mom hated the poop all over our back patio ;). I was always excited about being able to buy little chicks for my own kids, and crazy as it is, that time has finally come.

My Man will be building a coop with a run, and here in a bit, we will be sending them outside to live in it! Oh yeah, and we live in a four-plex. Our land lord is awesome and is letting us do all of this, along with doing a garden again this summer! The perks of living in a small town. Oh the freedom! Stay tuned and learn along with me and my family the up's and down's of doing backyard chickens for the first time. Because it has already been an adventure. More posts soon to come!

My Man and one of his best friends did all of this in a morning!

The beginning of the coop.