Monday, February 8, 2016

Buñuelos(Easy Mexican Treat)

These are one of my all time favorites. I DON'T eat them often in real life, but I do in my dreams. And when I do eat them in real life, I always end up reminiscing about spending holidays at my abuelita's house in the good and great El Paso, Texas!!! Specifically, a New Year's Eve we spent there while I was still pretty little. My abuelita had made a TON of dough, and had us all rolling it out into HUGE circles. I kid you not, these things were wider than a full twelve inches. We would roll and stretch them out as thin as we could and hang them anywhere there was room. Over the chairs and across the table and her bed. She would fry the heck out of these babies and drench them in cinnamon and sugar. DONE. That's how easy they are. They taste amazing. Thin, crunchy, oily and buttery and cinnamon-y and sugar-y. I ate them for like every meal that trip. And anyone who knows me knows I'm seriously not kidding about that. But, when you only cook them once a year, who really cares? NOT ME. And, tonight I made them with my family. AWESOME. I love eating good stuff with them. Today was mexican monday for food (yes, I make up things like Waffle Wednesday, Fish Friday or Fancy Friday or Pasta Tuesday (because they both have T's.... to help me think of things to cook)) so I did chicken enchiladas with lettuce and tomato and sour cream(plain yogurt) and then buñuelos for dessert. And, the best thing about this recipe is that it's SO SO easy and almost tastes just as good as if you were to make the dough yourself. There's no way I could ever say anything I make mounts up to how my grandma does it, because she's just that good. But, I can say that out of 100(her's being 100) this comes to like a 98. FOR REAL. Check it out. And more importantly, MAKE THEM.

Frying oil-vegetable or coconut ( I like the coconut because then it adds a coconut flavor...)
Uncooked Flour Tortillas

Combine the sugar with the amount of cinnamon that you would like. Set to the side in a bowl.

Put 2-3 Tbs(or you could put more if you really want to fry it a lot) of the oil into a pan set at medium heat. Let it heat up. Test it by putting in an edge of the tortilla. If it sizzles it is ready. Put in the tortilla and let it cook and brown on one side, then flip it and do the same on the other side. Take it off and set it on a plate. Put some butter on it while it is still hot and then dust however much cinnamon and sugar you want all over it. Then flip, and do the same with the butter and sugar on that side. Then, it's done! That's all. Super easy, super good.

Side note: You don't have to put the butter. Only if you like living on the edge---chances of experiencing a heart attack being on the edge. But, boy does the butter taste good :) I'd say, if you are going to eat one. DO THE BUTTER. If you are going to eat two, don't. Ha ha! Hope you like it.