Sunday, February 28, 2016

Backyard Chicken Series: Part 2

They are still alive! Sometimes, I amaze myself. Like after my first girl was born, and we were able to keep her alive! It seriously is a miracle. Give them milk, and they live and grow. I feel slightly the same about these chicks. When we first brought them home I was way overly stressed about it. I felt like I had six more little people to keep alive. I was stressed that after writing my first part in this series, one of them would die! The thing is, I do have six more little chicks to keep alive, but not six children. Ha! Chicks are pretty easy to keep alive, too. Give them food, give them water, keep the place clean. BAM. They stay alive.

For now they are in a rubber bin in my oldest girls room with a heat lamp still over them. They are starting to get little feathers, and little feather butts (soooo cute), and starting to poop a TON. So, we are going to be switching them into a bigger living space sometime here soon. Not sure what yet, but I'll let you know when we do! They are already eating a lot more, and we have also started taking them outside during the day when it's warm and letting them run around and practice scratching and trying to fly. And they are stinkin' cute doing all of it! Here are photo updates. LOTS of photos.

our oldest with creamy
Honey on the left Ruby on the right

yin(the other black one is yang)