Thursday, January 28, 2016

Twelve Classical Songs to Relieve Anxiety/Calm the Kids

Sometimes everything can be so loud in a house with kids. The kids playing, crying, yelling, the shows, the up-beat music you put on to try to bring a little energy into a dull day. Sometimes, it's even the silence that seems so loud. Some days it's the silence that feeds the loud thoughts in your mind so much so that you feel incapable of doing much, just because of anxiety. At least that is how it seems to me. On those  days, I like classical music. And my girls say they don't like it, but their body language shows they do. So, here is a top ten of the classical songs I love most to listen to on those days. A lot of them I love just because my grandma plays them and they remind me of her. Instant stress release. If you think you don't like classical, put these on and they will change your mind. Enjoy!

1. Claude Debussy-Arabesque for Piano No.1
2.Claude Debussy-Clair de Lune 
3. Fryderyk Chopin-Mazurkas
4.Fryderyk Chopin-Nocturnes Piano Op.9 n.2
5. Fryderyl Chopin-Spring Waltz
6.Daniel Ketchum- Kids Remix(Say whattttttt.I know.)
7. Isaac Albeniz-Suite Espanola No.1 For Piano
8. Emile Pandolfi-Adagio
9. Ellens Gesang III-Ave Maria For Piano
10.Dustin O'Halloran- Opus 37
11. Beethoven- Moonlight Sonata
12. Tchaikovsky- Swan Lake for Piano