Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Mother's Confession: My Addiction

I have been putting off this post for a long time. Looking at my last entry, it seems I've been putting it off for over a year. And, with good reason. It is never an easy thing to come out and say, "I have a problem. I have an addiction." But, here I am tonight, with the girls tucked away in their twinsy jammies, writing it. I am finally writing it. I am addicted. TO BEDTIME.
I know.How horrible of a mom can i be? Becoming addicted to the high that comes everytime those cute little eyelids shut for the night (and hopefully stay shut).I'll tell you something though, YOU ARE
After an entire day of laughing loving getting angry feeling hungry making (hopefully)three meals timeouts time-in cuddles crying diaper changing bum wiping nose blowing hair doing laundry doing dish doing bath giving bath giving again story reading putting on the seat belt taking off the seat belt putting on the seat belt taking off the seat belt (x3) working out going on a walk and feeling absolutely mentally emotionally and physically tired.don't even dare say I'm alone in this addiction. It's like,all day long you just wanted to lie down, and once those eyelids shut BOOM BABY!I AM ALIVE AGAIN!hit me with that adrenaline.hit me with some good food some dancing some music some real good productivity some dreaming some living some loving some hoping some exercise some reading some Netflixing some OPTIONS.options that were not there at all during the day. Once those cute eyelids shut, hit me with all those good ideas, and let me feel that high, and then in twenty minutes please just let me SLEEP, only to wake and crave it ALL all over again. That sweet twenty minute high.