Friday, February 15, 2013

15 Family ACTIVities

It's over. Done with. No more Valentine's Day until next it weird that I am kind of relieved that the pink and red is over? I'm more of a brown and green trees. Speaking of brown and green and trees and everything alive, it is starting to warm-up here where I'm at (warming up being mid to high 30's) and I am getting the spring/summer itch. I want to be outside! My husband and I have already started the outdoor activity-ing and I wanted to share with you the top things we love to do that can help keep you active (be warned....there is walking and running in this list and a lot of it). These things can be done with small or large families no matter the age of the kids(if there are any). Everything is go go go now-a-days, it is always easy to forget that exercise is important both physically and mentally, and so is time spent with family. These activities are a happy medium of the two.

1. Go on a family run. Even if you have young kids. If they are babies, take them in the stroller. If they are toddlers, go on a short walk/ run with them. My dad would do this with me and my siblings when we were younger. We loved it because we got to spend time with him, get out all of our energy, and listen to him worship us for our super-human speeds.

2. Family bike ride.

3. Family walk.

4. Pack a picnic and walk to a park to enjoy it.

5. Set up a race course in your yard for your kids to complete. They will love this. Really.

6. Make a trip to your local recreation center for a Saturday (or weekday if you can). Try to get the best deal you can (look into family passes). They have pools, basketball courts, raquetball courts, soccer fields, weights, eating areas. They are pretty much the best things ever (and extremely family friendly un-like a gym). Pack a lunch for everyone and enjoy the day there.

7. Go to the museum (pick one you actually will like so that you don't just end up with a headache) on a free day. This works the legs and the brain.

8.Go for a hike. It might be hard for your kids and you might end up carrying them part way (or maybe the whole way), but this will get the kids to start lovin' your active outdoor adventures.
9. Walk to your local library (if its close enough to) for a reading day for the little tikes. Ask a librarian for a calender of events. Libraries (and rec centers) offer so many programs for cheap or for free. This can help you and your kids be more active, whether it is mentally or physically.

10. Load up the kids (or just yourself) and head to the mall. I know what you are thinking " No,! NO SHOPPING!"(okay maybe that's just me), but you aren't going for shopping. Do laps around the mall and if your mall has a child's play area like mine does, let the kids get their energy out at the end to reward them for letting you push them around the mall for a half an hour. Oh, and my husband says you also have to stop at the foodcourt.

11. Play soccer at a park (or four-corners or jump-rope...alter it to your needs).

12. Find a stream or a pond that is nearby to either hike or walk to. Go fishing. Let the kids make their own poles if they want to.

13.Go fly kites. Also, try making them. That is always a lot of fun. If they don't fly (like mine never did) just go buy a cheap one.

14. Walk to a pond and feed the ducks.

15. Drive to a campsite and either camp there (have the kids help set-up the tent or picnic area) or just do a meal there. Do a fire and tin-foil dinners, then drive home and sleep all snuggled up in your bed.

Well, there it is. The list of my spring/summer activity cravings. I hope some of them are new to you guys. I'd would love to hear any other ideas that you all have got, so that I can add them to my familiy's list of activities. So list away.

Here are a few pictures of one of our family hikes that we took while my husband was scouting out a hunting area.

Panoramic view

Love Utah!

Yogurt Drop loves being outside.
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